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Anti-Fatigue – Ergonomic Floors – TilePlan Ergo


Product information

TilePlan Ergo Anti-fatigue Floor Matting has an extremely tough chequer plate surface finish.

This matting finish is also known as Diamond Plate or Tread Plate and makes for very safe, slip-resistant and Anti-fatigue flooring.

This matting delivers where a practical, anti-fatigue surface is sought.

Uniquely, the bevelled edge surface detail allows a continuous pattern to be achieved enhancing the overall effect.

The 12 mm thick matting is extremely durable and makes an ideal easy to install floor covering for walkways. Heavy foot traffic will benefit from it’s anti-fatigue properties.


Ideal for applications such as:

  • Oily areas where high Slip Resistance is key
  • Wet work areas with standing water
  • Standing areas where anti-fatigue is required by staff.

TilePlan Anti-fatigue and Nonslip Floor Matting creates a multi-purpose safety floor designed for industrial or machinery areas where oil and chemicals are present.

Also ideal as a fast set-up floor system for outdoor exhibitions where conditions may be damp and a non-slip covering is required.

Design your own floor – Design, colour and layout

  • Standard colour is black
  • Other colours are available on request
  • Metallic colours also available including silver

Accessories: sloped edging ramps take the Anti-Fatigue mats 12 mm thickness down to 1 mm thickness and are available to connect on all sides.

Options: graphics, lettering and logos can be Water-Jet cut into the matting.

Install: we offer a full and professional installation service.

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