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Anti-Slip Safety Flooring – TilePlan AntiSlip


Product information

TilePlan GRP Safety Flooring products are made with an extremely tough surface finish. This makes for a very safe and Anti-Slip floor covering in areas such as:

  • Walkways
  • Stairways
  • Wet areas

TilePlan GRP Non-slip products come in both flat sheet tiles of various thicknesses or are formed to cover stairway treads or open grating areas.

The range is ideal for applications such as:

Oily areas where high Slip Resistance is key, for example work areas and Heavy Duty traffic areas where vehicles such as forklift trucks are moving.

Both internal and external areas can be covered with the products and the GRP material used is resistant to most chemicals.

The standard colours are: safety-yellow, black and grey.

Stair-Nosings can be highlighted on the front edge in yellow and Flat Sheets can also feature painted Chevrons to highlight hazards.

Flat sheets can also be chamfered on edges as required to remove any trip hazards.

Options: graphics, lettering and logos can be Water Jet cut into the GRP material (safety signage).

Install: we offer a full and professional installation service.

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