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new TilePlans website

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TilePlans Health and Safety Flooring


TilePlans PVC interlocking floor tiles offer multiple benefits for end-users in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Construction professionals can rest assured that the flexibility afforded by TilePlans industrial floor tiles is a key advantage for many new-build and refurbishment projects.

They can effectively design the floor to their own – or the client’s – specifications and meet rigorous European and American health and safety regulations in the process.

Health and Safety Flooring Tiles

TilePlans Health and Safety Flooring Tiles

For instance, factories, warehouses and laboratories may use different colours of TilePlans industrial floor coating to separate production or storage areas from walkways for staff and driveways for fork lift trucks.   In airports, different colours might be used to distinguish, for example, check-in, security and Customs areas from shopping areas and pedestrian zones from driveways used by passenger buggies.  Catering establishments may use a similar concept to separate queuing and dining areas and, where applicable, smoking and non-smoking areas.   The applications are limited only by the designer’s imagination.

Accessories in the TilePlans PVC interlocking floor tiles range aim to assist architects, designers and construction professionals with floor design and represent a ready-made solution to common flooring issues.

The accessories include line marker tiles, edging ramps, corner ramps and clear ‘logo’ tiles.

Line marker tiles are used to separate areas within the floor and act as boundary markers.  Yellow is the most popular colour for line marker tiles as it contrasts starkly with colours such as black, grey, dark green and navy blue.

Clear ‘logo’ tiles are transparent and measure 500mm by 500mm, the same size as the standard tiles.  They are principally used for health and safety or for corporate branding or advertising, depending on the client’s objectives.

Health and Safety Floor Sign Tiles

TilePlans Health and Safety Floor Sign Tiles

Signs are placed under the clear tile or tiles and are therefore incorporated within the floor.  Warning signs might be included for health and safety, the company logo for corporate branding, or details given of special offers for marketing and promotional purposes.

The sign can be changed by simply lifting the tile and replacing it with another sign – so this is a versatile method of communicating messages to staff or customers.

For those who require a sign or logo to be permanently incorporated within the floor there are alternative ways of achieving this, either by printing the graphic on the tile or by etching it into the tile by a water-jet method.

TilePlans Clear Logo Tiles

TilePlans Clear Logo Tiles

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TilePlans “Workshop Floor Tiles” – Benefits of using Tile Plans Workshop Flooring

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TilePlans PVC Office Flooring News

PR agency Kazoo has created a custom-made office floor using Tileplans’ PVC interlocking floor tiles from its range, which are durable, easy to install and maintain.

The Tileplans commercial-flooring range of PVC and Rubber Flooring Tiles and Matting gives customers a variety of options with which they can design their own custom-made office floor in ten standard colours.

TilePlans Kazoo Office Flooring

TilePlans Industrial Office Flooring at Kazoo Design

Kazoo chose a new mid-grey colour PVC interlocking tile and provided a sample and the colour code so the office floor tiles could be manufactured to match the colour in the TilePlans leather-grain smooth-finish style.

The Tileplans office floor system is easy to clean and spillages can be wiped off or removed with cleaning fluid.

The commercial office flooring range incorporates a variety of office floor tiles that reduce noise and vibration as well as resisting oils, chemicals and stains.

Tileplans’ office-flooring range includes PVC Studded or Raised Disc PVC Interlocking Floor tiles for slip resistance and Smooth or ‘Leather-Grain’ PVC Interlocking Flooring tiles for flat and smooth surfaces.

Also offered are Dimpled PVC Interlocking Floor tiles, which have easy-clean, anti-fatigue qualities, and Hidden Joint Tiles in a slate-texture or dimpled variety.

Customers can design a custom-made office floor to match their purchasing criteria and their corporate image.

There are also options to include a company logo within the office floor, either through placing the logo under clear tiles or by having it printed on graphic tiles.


TilePlans Office Floor systems

Contact your nearest TilePlans office:

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or email us :

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TilePlans Trade Club Logo

TilePlans Trade Club

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Industrial Flooring

TilePlans’ PVC industrial flooring systems represent a practical and customizable solution for those conscious of the need for a durable industrial floor covering to meet both current and future health and safety legislation.

TilePlans-Industrial-Flooring tiles

TilePlans-Industrial-Flooring tiles

Ever-increasing health and safety legislation means industry bosses must seek compliant industrial safety flooring systems – now and for the future.

You can effectively create your own customised health and safety floor by using TilePlans line marker and clear logo tiles into your industrial floor covering to meet regulations and by using TilePlans  sloped edging ramp tiles for ease of access at entry points.

TilePlans Interlocking PVC Line Marking System

TilePlans Interlocking PVC Line Marking System

The TilePlans range of industrial and health and safety flooring is designed to cover many applications in a variety of colours and includes:

Interlocking PVC Floor tiles:
Studded or ‘Raised Disc’ PVC industrial flooring tiles (For toughness and slip resistance)
Smooth or ‘Leather-Grain’ PVC industrial flooring tiles. (For flat and smooth surfaces)
Dimpled PVC Interlocking Floor tiles (Easy clean and Anti-fatigue)
Hidden Joint Tiles in Slate texture or Dimpled finish. (Modern look and softer cushioned versions)

4mm PVC Interlocking Floor tiles (Light Traffic, Offices, and Storage)
6.5mm PVC Interlocking Floor tiles
7mm PVC Interlocking Flooring tiles
7.5mm PVC Interlocking Floor tiles

TilePlans PVC tiles sizes:
500 x 500mm PVC safety flooring tiles
333 x 333mm Interlocking floor covering tiles
Safety Line Marker Tiles: 500x100mm
Safety Edging Ramps: 500x125mm and Corner Ramps: 125x125mm


Safety Edging Ramps: 500 x 125 mm

All the TilePlans industrial flooring tiles fit neatly together and are loose laid so rapid installation means costly downtime is minimised.

There are cost benefits too. The layout of your TilePlans health and safety flooring system can be quickly and easily changed. If you need any more tiles you need only order the additional tiles, not the whole floor.

Bob Irons, who purchased TilePlans’ industrial flooring solution for Canterbury-based greeting card publisher Noel Tatt, has topped up his original order for industrial floor tiles and extended his floor adding safety floor logos.

Tileplans Industrial Interlocking Floor Tiles

“Robust enough for our pallet and forklift area traffic.”

He said: “Not only was the floor covering laid quickly without a break in production, it was also malleable to the contours of the old floor whilst at the same time being easy to trim at the walls yet robust enough for our pallet and forklift area traffic.”

TilePlans Industial Flooring

North Tel: +44 (0)161 883 0027

South Tel: +44 (0)20 3397 2997

or email

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Interlocking Floor Tiles

TilePlans PVC Interlocking Floor tiles

TilePlans PVC Interlocking Floor tiles provide customized flooring solutions for industrial, commercial, domestic and public sector customers seeking long-lasting and cost-effective benefits.

Ideal for factories, warehouses, showrooms, shops, workshops, garages, gymnasiums and public buildings – TilePlans PVC Interlocking Floor tiles have virtually endless flooring applications. 


Tileplans Industrial Interlocking Floor Tiles

Tileplans Industrial Interlocking Floor Tiles


Our PVC Interlocking floor tiles are so adaptable and versatile that they represent a durable investment – you can easily take them with you if you move premises.

Major Advantages:

• Transform your image with minimum disruption to your business.
• Easy to install rapidly
• Easy to clean and maintain

 Health and Safety Benefits:

• Resist oil and most chemicals;
• Reduce Vibration and Sound;
• Possess flame retardant qualities;
• Reduce the chances of slips and trips.

Our Industrial Flooring tiles, strong enough to withstand heavy vehicle traffic, make them ideal as a Factory floor, Garage floor, Workshop floor, Warehouse floor or Showroom floor.  There are also specialist applications such as the Laboratory Floor below.


 Anti-static PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles:

Ideal for any establishment requiring the control of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) whether a large-scale manufacturing facility or office of intensively used computers.

Anti-bacterial PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles:

Ideal for any establishment where bacteria accumulates and hygiene is a top priority such as hospitals, health centres, schools and anywhere dealing with food such as processing plants, hotels and restaurants.

Quality Approved:

Established in 1969, our UK Trade mould manufacturing is accredited to the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Professional Finishes:

Rest assured that you can create a truly professional, fitted floor thanks to special tile accessories such as sloping ramped edges and corner pieces.  With TilePlans PVC Interlocking Floor tiles you get a snug fit around the edges and you reduce the risk of accidents.




Designs and Colours – TilePlans’ PVC Interlocking Floor tiles have various designs :

• Studded PVC Interlocking Floor tiles (Garage)
• Dimpled PVC Interlocking Floor tiles (Office, Retail)
• Leather grained PVC Interlocking Flooring tiles. (For flat and smooth surfaces)
• Slate texture

Different colours can be used to enhance appeal or meet health and safety regulations, for instance with Line Marker Tiles to clearly define work areas, walkways, hazards or keep clear areas.

Logo Tiles can also be used to add important safety symbols or sales messages.

PVC Interlocking Line Tiles and Logo Marking System

Personalised Logo Tiles for Yorkshire Fire Service

Versatility – TilePlans PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles are Easy to Replace.TilePlans PVC Floor Tiles are easy to replace because they interlock and come in standardised sizes.
That means you can quickly replace or swap individual tiles or part of the floor – simply remove the old tiles and lock the new tiles into place.

TilePlans’ PVC Interlocking Floor tiles really are a low maintenance flooring system saving valuable time and money.

 Tile sizes:

• 500x500mm PVC Interlocking Floor tiles
• 500x400mm, PVC Interlocking Flooring tiles
• 333x333mm PVC Interlocking Flooring tiles
• Line Marker Tiles: 500x100mm
• Edging Ramps:500x125mm
• Corner Ramps: 125x125mm


4mm PVC Interlocking Floor tiles

 7mm PVC Interlocking Flooring tiles

7.5mm PVC Interlocking Floor tiles

 Contact us:

So for Garage Flooring right through to Industrial Flooring requirements contact TilePlans today for an initial consultation.

Our national Installation Service is available.


Tileplans your 1st choice for:

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Industrial Flooring Solutions.

TilePlans interlocking tiles are available in :

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