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Product information

Designed especially for busy garages and workshops, TilePlan PVC interlocking garage floor tiles provide the ultimate in garage floor coverings and are an ideal customised flooring system for commercial workshops.

Satisfied customers worldwide have found TilePlan floor tiles to be the best choice by far and have proven to be a great investment value.

Your Garage Tile Plan

We offer a full consultancy service to advise you on our flooring range. A national installation service is also available.

Budget Garage Floor Tiles

At the budget end of the range but not to be overlooked is the TilePlan 4 mm thick garage floor tile. Made from the same industrial spec PVC but in a slimmer mould, the 4 mm thick tile has still proven itself in demanding workshop areas. Smooth or Studded options are available in all 10 colours.

Heavy Duty Interlocking Tiles

TilePlan Heavy Duty 7 mm thick floor tiles are the originals, the favourites and the best sellers by far. Strong enough to withstand constant use in busy workshops the 7 mm system has the most comprehensive range of accessories to customise your garage or workshop floor to the max!

Customise your Garage Workshop Floor with Lines & Logos

In addition, TilePlan can help you design your floor to comply with Workshop Safety legislation or use your floor to display the logo of your favourite 2 wheel or 4 wheel trademark.

TilePlan brightly coloured line marker tiles create demarcation lines to separate areas within your workshop or parking bays within your garage floor.

New innovative Clear or ‘See – through’ Logo Tiles enable you to place advisory signs or your vehicle’s logo under the clear tile, thus incorporating the sign or logo within your floor. Any sign placed underneath are changeable in seconds if needed later.

TilePlan has helped create highly-customised garage floor designs for many customers and incorporated accessories such as TilePlan Water-Jet cut logo tiles and even LED line marking.

TilePlan offers the ultimate in Garage Floor Systems

TilePlan interlocking floor tiles are rapidly installed. No adhesive is required.

All TilePlan Garage Floor owners welcome the rapid installation and low maintenance benefits of TilePlan interlocking floor tiles and take pride in the smart and professional appearance of their new garage floor.

Designs, sizes and options

  • Studded or ‘Raised Disc’ tiles 7 mm thick (for work areas)
  • Smooth or ‘Leather-Grain’ tiles 6,5 mm thick (for flat and smooth surfaces)
  • Designer – 7,5 mm thick Hidden Edge Tiles in authentic Slate texture or 7,5 mm thick ultra modern Dimpled variety.


  • Edging Ramps for your Garage Doorway – 500 mm wide and 125 mm from front to back. 6,5 mm thick – strong Interlock fitting
  • Corner ramps – to complete a fully ramped floor – 125×125 mm
  • Line Divider Tiles – 500×100 mm and 6,5 mm thick
  • Clear Logo / Sign Tiles as standard in units of 500×500 mm and 6,5 mm thick. Made in a more flexible PVC to allow easier lifting and change of sign
  • ‘NEW’ You can now add a TilePlan L.E.D. Line tiles to make your garage the most unique in the world!

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