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TilePlans’ PVC industrial flooring systems represent a practical and customizable solution for those conscious of the need for a durable industrial floor covering to meet both current and future health and safety legislation.

TilePlans-Industrial-Flooring tiles

TilePlans-Industrial-Flooring tiles

Ever-increasing health and safety legislation means industry bosses must seek compliant industrial safety flooring systems – now and for the future.

You can effectively create your own customised health and safety floor by using TilePlans line marker and clear logo tiles into your industrial floor covering to meet regulations and by using TilePlans  sloped edging ramp tiles for ease of access at entry points.

TilePlans Interlocking PVC Line Marking System

TilePlans Interlocking PVC Line Marking System

The TilePlans range of industrial and health and safety flooring is designed to cover many applications in a variety of colours and includes:

Interlocking PVC Floor tiles:
Studded or ‘Raised Disc’ PVC industrial flooring tiles (For toughness and slip resistance)
Smooth or ‘Leather-Grain’ PVC industrial flooring tiles. (For flat and smooth surfaces)
Dimpled PVC Interlocking Floor tiles (Easy clean and Anti-fatigue)
Hidden Joint Tiles in Slate texture or Dimpled finish. (Modern look and softer cushioned versions)

4mm PVC Interlocking Floor tiles (Light Traffic, Offices, and Storage)
6.5mm PVC Interlocking Floor tiles
7mm PVC Interlocking Flooring tiles
7.5mm PVC Interlocking Floor tiles

TilePlans PVC tiles sizes:
500 x 500mm PVC safety flooring tiles
333 x 333mm Interlocking floor covering tiles
Safety Line Marker Tiles: 500x100mm
Safety Edging Ramps: 500x125mm and Corner Ramps: 125x125mm


Safety Edging Ramps: 500 x 125 mm

All the TilePlans industrial flooring tiles fit neatly together and are loose laid so rapid installation means costly downtime is minimised.

There are cost benefits too. The layout of your TilePlans health and safety flooring system can be quickly and easily changed. If you need any more tiles you need only order the additional tiles, not the whole floor.

Bob Irons, who purchased TilePlans’ industrial flooring solution for Canterbury-based greeting card publisher Noel Tatt, has topped up his original order for industrial floor tiles and extended his floor adding safety floor logos.

Tileplans Industrial Interlocking Floor Tiles

“Robust enough for our pallet and forklift area traffic.”

He said: “Not only was the floor covering laid quickly without a break in production, it was also malleable to the contours of the old floor whilst at the same time being easy to trim at the walls yet robust enough for our pallet and forklift area traffic.”

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